It`s less than 2 months to go !

I just realized something. It`s less than 2 months to go! Less than 2 months till our dreams come true! Less than 2 months to get what we fighting for in the last year!

It`s less than 2 months to leave our family, to leave our friends, to leave our school, to leave our country. WE WILL LEAVE INDONESIA!! We are going to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I do not know if it`s just me or you guys also feel it, I think we already prepare and wait for this for about one year already, but right now, when our departure is less than 2 months already, I feel uneasy to go. It`s not that I do not want to go! I really want to get there as soon as possible! I can`t even wait any longer! But in another side, I am starting to feel afraid. Afraid for leaving everything here, afraid for coming to another people`s country…

Right now, I have to many feelings that blending in my mind. I feel happy. I feel excited. I feel curious. I feel afraid. I feel feared. Okay, actually I do not know what exactly my feeling is! Do you guys feel this way too? Or it`s just me?

God, really! It`s less than 2 months to go, I got my host family already. I got my school already. I got what I was waiting for! I got what I was afraid for! But after I got it all, our coming departure feels so real.

But the show must go on! I keep say to my self : This is what you want! This is what you waiting for! This is what you fighting for! It`s just a time when you have to realize that everything is right here, in front of your eyes, and it`s not a dream! It`s the reality!

Now, going to United States of America is not the end of your way! It`s not your destination! It`s a sign to begin your new world , your real world! Let`s keep fighting together till we got everything that we want … We will walk trough this way together, right ? 🙂


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