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My Last Day In Jogja :’D

Okay ..
Here i am, again, write a little confusing thing about my AFS story.. I think it will be a little confusing because i write this in confuse, haha! 😀

Well, it is not a “real” last day to be here in Jogja, my lovely city. At least this is my last day to go around jogja for this year -or school year, i guess-. tomorrow, i will live Jogja and fly to Jakarta for 9-days-national-orientation-and-language-camp.I am starting to feel mellow right now. Uhm, not really, mellow, but every feelings that i have are just blending all together. I feel happy, sad, curious, excited, and other feelings that i don`t know what their name are.

Actually i am not fear of USA right now, i just fear of the national orientation T__T I know it will be TOTALLY TIRING. Will (almost) not gonna have time to sleep for 5 days -that`s what returnee said-. And all of those tasks are waiting!

So, here you are, DEE !! you are going to United Sates of AMERICA for 11 months, a school year! and this is the reality, you are NOT DREAMING. August 7th is coming, soon, and Washington, DC is waiting for you, for all of us. Your host families are there and could not wait to see you soon, just like you! so, let`s just enjoy everything 🙂