And She Is Thinking About His Thoughts…

So she sits there, in silence, unmoving. But her mind is not in silence at all. Her heart? Ah, just don’t ask about it. No one knows what her heart has been doing lately. Even her! It might’ve been gotten some wrong particles that came into it from her last breath. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s just the effect of some untranslatable impression that she got from him.

This one heart has been beating like crazy every once in a while. Well, those must’ve been the times when the thought of him cross her mind. And when he cross the path in front of her, too, of course.

Oh well, whatever it is her heart is doing, she doesn’t even care. She is not even going to think about it. Her mind is still too busy thinking about him. And about his possible thoughts about her. Her mind is still too busy wandering around, looking for every single possibilities.

Some thoughts make her heart beats even harder and make her feel the need to hold her lips tight so that no one will see her smile. Some thoughts brought her to close her eyes, hurts her only by thinking about them.

So she has been thinking for hours. Still in silence. Still unmoved. Still thinking about his thoughts of her. Still have no idea how he actually thinks of her. But now, it’s just started to rain. Looks like the rain wants to accompany her by pouring those waters to the still-wet ground.

She stopped and turn her head to look outside through the windows across the room. She smiled. The rain is not that heavy, but enough to make anyone wet if they decide to run through it. Just like him, she thought. “Then he really is my rain,” she sighed, but she is still smiling. She still enjoys watching the rain outside the room.

And he is still all over her mind.

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