Welcome 2012!!

Yes, here it came, the new year! Allright, allright, I know that I am a week late to give you a “Happy New Year” greetings. But oh well, who cares? It’s still January, and I still feel the new year atmosphere all around me. So, yeah, Happy New Year Everyone 🙂

Talking about new year, just some days ago, one of my teacher at school asked the whole class to make our own new year resolution. I thought, yup, new year resolution, something that I always thought about every years but never actually make it. So, finally I made my first new year resolution, for this year. What’s in it? Here they are:

  • Pass the National Examination (UN) with good grades
  • Pass the College Entrance Test (SNMPTN) and get in to that certain faculty in the university that I want
  • Be more mature, discipline, diligent, and focus
  • Read more and write more ( I actually went to goodreads.com and set my 2012 reading goal to be 50 books ;))
  • Live a happier and healthier lifestyle
  • Keep good relations with those I love 🙂

So, yeah, those are my 2012 resolution. I wasn’t actually going to post them here, but some people said that by telling your resolution to others, you’ll have more sense of responsibility to fulfill the resolution cause you’ll feel some kinda shame to other people who’ve known your resolution if you fail. I guess they’re right in some sense. Don’t you think so?

Allright, I guess that’s enough for now. Hope I’ll have enough passion to write my next post soon. Bye for now!


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