some random midnight thoughts

Isn’t it just amazing how our lives change -or let’s say evolve- from time to time? For most of the times, we just have no idea what will happen next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow or some hours after now. People plans, but faith decides.

Some people might have quite stagnant and stabil life in which they do pretty much the same thing for years. Some people really know what they really want to do in their future since such a young age and working their way towards their dreams carefully steps by steps. However, let’s just be real! We all know that there are more people out there -including me- who live their lives in wonder, taking chances and hoping for lucks in almost all of the decisions they make. 

Is it just me or anyone else sometimes feel confused about what are you going to wish for? Aren’t there times when you really want something so badly that you start to think about how are you going to pray for it? Have you ever ask ‘Should I pray for the best thing that God can have for me or should I pray for this thing that I really want to happens’? I mean, if it turns out that what you really want is not the best thing for you, do you want it to happen anyway? Won’t you feel disappointed anyway if the thing you want so badly doesn’t happen even though deep inside you, you know that God has a better plan for you?

 It is so complicated, isn’t it? Anyway, c’est la vie. That’s life.


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