Just Ignore This

Is it possible for someone to lost their own self? Because I think I just did. I lost me. I lost the “me” that I used to know. I don’t feel like my own self. I messed things up. My life is such a mess now, let alone my room or my college tasks. I keep doing things I don’t usually do. I continuously doing stupid things in the last few weeks. I messed up my college life. I keep making mistakes in the lab. I keep on coming to the class almost before the class started or even being late while I have almost never been late in years of high school. I keep making mistakes in my homeworks. I stay up till midnight without knowing why. I got all mellow and miserable in the mornings and the nights. I used to read a lot no matter how many homeworks I had or whatever exam is coming, but I haven’t read anything for months. I don’t know what else to say but now I feel like I am one of the stupidest person alive. At least one of the stupidest (and laziest) person in my class. I don’t even know why am I writing this and what is it I am writing exactly. I just feel like I need to get this out.

And I do know how pathetic I am right now, so please just ignore this.


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