You Are The Outcome

This piece is just beautiful. It burns in all the right places.

Thought Catalog

You wake up in the morning and scratch the sheet underneath you, reaching with one hand to your alarm with barely enough strength to press the snooze button. “Why is this happening to me,” you think as you imagine your job or obligations in the form of the purple dragon from Sleeping Beauty torching your comfort and well being in life. You pull yourself out of bed and think about all of the reasons why you shouldn’t have to do anything today. It’s not your fault that you stayed up too late last night.

You are the problem.

Driving on the freeway is the most intoxicatingly frustrating thing you consistently do. Every human sitting in their padded chair, pressing their right foot to the accelerator is a little less intelligent than you. They’re a little less attentive than you. They’re driving slower than you, faster than you, or in the…

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