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Short Book Review: “11.22.63” by Stephen King and “Gone Girl” by Flynn Gillian

Gone Girl by Flynn Gillian

gone girl

I am the kind of person who almost never glance the synopsis of a book before I read. Most of the times I don’t even try to see the genre of the books. If I saw it on NY Times or someone’s bookshelves on goodreads and it looks interesting or I just felt like reading it when I look at the cover, then I go for it.

Reading this book that way, I sure was getting lots of surprises. I didn’t even know it would be a thriller of some sorts. This book gives me all the twist of story and character the way very few books could. The first few chapters got me thinking I was reading some petty marriage story, but it kept getting darker in a way and then jumping to the second part of the book it went another way again. This book kept me on my seat with intense feeling and thoughts.

I totally loved it!

11.22.63 by Stephen King


I have heard and read about Stephen King so many times before, but I haven’t been reading his books. This is my second book from King, and now I have been wondering where have I been this whole time! I really like his way with words and I am going to start seeking for his other books very soon.
At first, I put the book down for weeks after I read the prolog. It didn’t really take my interest. However I gave it a try and get hooked right after the first chapter. It was a great read. It has been long since the last time I finished more than 700 pages in several days (although I could finish it much faster if not for the classes and college works).
Well, I love the concept of time travel and historical fiction to begin with, but that’s not it. The book really has its way in making things interesting and kept me surprised by how it went every now and then. It kept making me feels like I know exactly where it’s going but it proved me wrong for times. No need to mention how I think I just love the ending. It will be too much of a dream if Jake was just to get a nice life in the past or if he came back to the future and every bad things he wanted to change was all just gone for good without any worse consequences. So I think the book has the most realistic yet still happy way in ending the story.

Love Paper-bound Books? At Least Give E-books A Try!

For quite a long time, I used to be one of those people who looks at e-books and say: “Nah, I love real books. They are great. No need to make them electronic.” Now, I still love real books, but they’re not always better. Yes, sometimes it does not feel that satisfying, or does not feel quite like reading, without a real ink-on-paper book in your hand. But we have got to admit, at some condition, e-books is just that much more convenient. Here’s how:

  • Read anytime, anywhere, even when you did not plan to do so. We all book lovers know that there are always those days when we just get that urge to read something. Or one of those times when we are waiting for a friend (or two) who got really late and we just get bored. Well, of course we can go online and update our status about said friend being late, but come on, sometimes we just wish that we have brought that book that we have been planing on reading for quite some time already. With e-books being stored in your gadget (which I am sure you bring with you anywhere you go), read whenever you feel like it!
  • Don’t feel like reading fiction? The history book is just one click away. Seriously, I think this is the best thing about e-books: we carry the whole bookshelves (if not library) in our hands! I don’t know about everyone else, but I am the kind of person who read three to five books at the same time. Well, if the book is awesome and I am in the right mood for it, I usually finish the book right away. But let’s admit it, sometimes the book is quite interesting, but we’re not that interested in it at the moment. For me, that is the time to get started on another book that fits better with the mood I’m in. To be able to do this with real paper-bound books would mean some extra kilograms on our shoulder. Ouch!
  • Find and read A LOT of books for free. Ha! Who does not love free stuffs? I sure do. And right now, the Internet is full of websites that allows you to download a lot (really, I mean A LOT) of e-books for free. There free books mostly consist of the old classics, the self-published books, or sometimes.. uhm, you don’t hear this from me – those romance books that are full of erotic scenes and all that. Well, and of course if you have no care about the legality of your reading materials, you can find all the great books you want, for free, too. Although I think you still should pay for the books if you really like it. Or at least review the book or something. Those brilliant writer deserves our appreciation, too.
  • Keep the books new. Of course, e-books will never looks old, get torn, have curling edges. No more creases because you slept on it. No more coffee or tea stain. Oh, and you can back up the file and have multiple copies of them on your phone, pc, tablet, external drive or even online. No one will ever say they lost their (e)books anymore!
  • Choose your text font and size. This is one of my favourite thing. You know those books that have text so small and makes you wonder if you’ve got old? Say goodbye to them! The thing about reading e-books on e-book reading device or application, is that for most of the times, you could adjust the font and size of the text. Well, maybe not on .pdf file, but on .epub and .mobi you sure can. And not to mention, the light adjustment! Read them under a dim light without hurting the eyes!

So, yeah, those are just some reasons on why I think e-books are so enjoyable. I’m sure I can come up with some more by the end of the week. I am not saying they are better then real paper-bound books. I still love them. A lot. My bookshelves is a real proof of that. I am just saying, if you haven’t try to read books on your mobile, it’s time. These e-books are lovable, too!