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Some Pictures of Me in DC

Hello world !!

It have been so long since the last time I updated this blog, and now I don’t know why, I just want to stop by and reactivate this blog. Well, i still don’t know what I am going to post in this blog if I really going to update it regularly or whether I will have time between my homeworks to keep my blog updated or not, but all right I am here now, so here we go. I guess for now I just want to give you guys a little view of what am I actually have been doing lately in DC. So, take a look at some of my pictures 🙂

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Ibu Pertiwi by : Anonymous Kulihat ibu p…

Ibu Pertiwi
by : Anonymous

Kulihat ibu pertiwi
Sedang bersusah hati
Air matamu berlinang
Mas intanmu terkenang

Hutan gunung sawah lautan
Simpanan kekayaan
Kini ibu sedang susah
Merintih dan berdoa

“Ibu Pertiwi” is the song that always come to my mind when i think about Indonesia recently. Especially Jogja. I do not really know how is the condition there right now, but i do feel really bad about it. All of those disasters that just happened was however, terrible. That was just too bad and sad. I also sometimes feel guilty for enjoying all of the good things here in US while in Jogja, a lot of people need to get out from their own house, do not have enough food, clothes and any other living supplies. It hurts to hear that Jogja is covered by ash and looks grey everywhere. I mean, it is Jogja! My lovely beautiful city! I mean, it’s not my hometown, but it is the city where i used t live and LOVE the last 2 and half years.

However, just like others, i just can “PRAY FOR INDONESIA. I do hope everything will be just fine, and jogja will be the same lovely city when i go back there, just like when i left it.

It`s less than 2 months to go !

I just realized something. It`s less than 2 months to go! Less than 2 months till our dreams come true! Less than 2 months to get what we fighting for in the last year!

It`s less than 2 months to leave our family, to leave our friends, to leave our school, to leave our country. WE WILL LEAVE INDONESIA!! We are going to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I do not know if it`s just me or you guys also feel it, I think we already prepare and wait for this for about one year already, but right now, when our departure is less than 2 months already, I feel uneasy to go. It`s not that I do not want to go! I really want to get there as soon as possible! I can`t even wait any longer! But in another side, I am starting to feel afraid. Afraid for leaving everything here, afraid for coming to another people`s country…

Right now, I have to many feelings that blending in my mind. I feel happy. I feel excited. I feel curious. I feel afraid. I feel feared. Okay, actually I do not know what exactly my feeling is! Do you guys feel this way too? Or it`s just me?

God, really! It`s less than 2 months to go, I got my host family already. I got my school already. I got what I was waiting for! I got what I was afraid for! But after I got it all, our coming departure feels so real.

But the show must go on! I keep say to my self : This is what you want! This is what you waiting for! This is what you fighting for! It`s just a time when you have to realize that everything is right here, in front of your eyes, and it`s not a dream! It`s the reality!

Now, going to United States of America is not the end of your way! It`s not your destination! It`s a sign to begin your new world , your real world! Let`s keep fighting together till we got everything that we want … We will walk trough this way together, right ? 🙂

Hello Again :) Great News is HERE !!

Hello world 🙂

It have been sooo long since the last time I updated this blog, right ? Almost a year already ! And there were so many things happened in this last one year. Many amazing stories are here, hehe ..

And the most awesome thing is that : I GOT MY AMERICAN HOST FAMILY AND SCHOOL ALREADY !! 😀

Is that mean that I am really going to United States Of America ? Yeah, I HOPE !! Now I am still doing many things about any required documents. And after everything is done, I will going to America on August 7th .. InsyaAllah 🙂


And now, let me tell you about my host family.. Uhm, I don`t know where to start but I want to say at first that I do think my host family is AMAZING !! They are Awesome !! They live in Washington, DC. I will stay there with my host dad and host mom only. My host brother is live by himself already and my host sister is having work here in Indonesia. My host dad ever life in many country before he get back to USA and live in his current house. He speak fluent Korean and also speak Spanish, French, some Swahili, and used to speak some Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Russian too.
And ..

“Speak fluent Korean”

is the best part! I really do hope I could learn it from him and will get much better in Korean after I get back.. Oh , wish me luck to be a fast learner, please .. Hehe
Okay I think that`s all for now, hope I can do all I have to do well 🙂 Fighting!!

Nunggu next seleksi afs update

. Huft . . .
. Bingung nie . . .
. Excited n afraid skaligus . . .
. Huhuhhu . .

. Excited coz masi gag nyangka bisa lolos sleksi 3 afs kemaren ! ! !
. Secara gitu , sleksi kemaren sleksi terakhir d chapter .
. Lagiand , padahal q kemaren da pesimis bnged lho . .

. Sleksi afs ketigany teu dinamika klompok , jdi suru ngrjain something breng” n d wawancrain breng” , ,
. Na , wktu wawancra breng” it , ak smpet bngung , coz wakt ak mw ngmong n jwab prtnyaan , eh dah ada yg ngomong dluan , gtu trus mpe’ brx” . .
. Lgian prtnyaanny muter” n bwat bngung . .
. Jadi ak ga nyngka n seneng bnget wkt tw klo trnyta ak lolos lagi di seleksi ketiga afs ni . .

. Tappi lolos seleksi ketiga afs ni bkan brarti lega , coz , prjuangan bwad dpetin program afs ni masi panjang bnget . .

. Skarang para kandidat chapter masi deg”an nungguin hasil seleksi berkas afs tingkat nasional .
. Duh , bner” da ga sabar ni rasany harus nunggu n ga bisa nglakuin apa” slain brhrap n brdoa . .

. Wish me luck for the next step yawh . . =)

. waaaw . . .

. waaaaw . . .

. still cant believe that I`ve passed the second AFS test .

. yuhuu . gag nyangka de , wawancara AFS uda lewad, n LOLOS !! .

. tapi masi teteup afraid  , nunggu seleksi ke-3 , 21 Juni besog .

. kalo wawancara kemaren sie ada yang b.indo ma b.inggris .

. b.inggrisnya sih nyantai ajj , cuma ngobrol n cerita” gitu dde , tapi yang b.indo , lumayand jugga , , ,

. lumayand lammmmmmmaaa nunggunya , lumayand lama wawancarana n pastinya lumayand tegang jugga (yang terakhir kebawa suasana , =D ) . tapi ya gpp sie , pinter” ngomong ajj , n yang penting tau app yang kita omongin .

. at least , it was really interesting .

. sekarang , tinggal berusaha n berdoa sepenuh hati =p , buad tes lanjudtanna .

. wish me luck , ammmmmiiiiiieeeeeennnnnn . . . . . .

. akku harus bisa . u can if u think u can .

afraid about tomorrow

. huft . . .

. i have a lot of things i have to do now . . .

. but i can’t concentrate in everything . . .

. i`m just afraid about tomorrow . about my next afs test . what will happen ? . will i can answer all of their question well ? .

. just hope the best . the best for everyone . . . .

. let’s just go trough the best way .