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Make The New Year A Better One

In the last couple of years, I have read numerous articles and blog post titled something around the line of “XX things I wish people told me when I was in college” or “Several things I wish I knew when I was 20,” etc. Most of them have pretty similar content. They all wish to know about how certain act or decision that they make at those time would affect their life years afterward or how certain like their looks, their weight does not matter, that life’s hard and it’s okay to have a problem. The thing is I think it is quite bullshit to say that on those years of their youth there is not single one person who actually come up to them and say “Hey, really, everything is okay,” or “Yes you made a mistake, now forgive yourself and move on,” or “Get out of here, travel and explore the world as far as you can but never forget those you left behind.”

Come on, let’s talk reality! We heard them before. People (probably family, friends, teacher) told us about those things. Problem is we just did not want believe it. Or we probably did, but we chose to forget them, we just did not really consider those things when we made out decision. I heard those things before. I knew about them last year or the year before that and I made a mistake when I dismissed them on most of my decision making process.

Now, I know we can’t change our past, but the future is exactly what we can build and shape. I am not saying that the future is one hundred percent up to us, but we all have a major role in it. The next small decision we make might define our life in the next 10 years. To ensure that they’ll be a good one, let’s just remember all the things that we know or we have known once, remember all the things people have told us all these years, and choose to believe in them. Choose to remember them and make them our consideration in making the next thousands of decisions. Let’s ensure that by the end of next year or the years after that, we won’t regret a thing. Let’s ensure that none of this year’s mistakes, regret and disappointment would ever repeat itself.

Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s not just wish but ensure it to be a good one ourself. Make it better than any we have had.

Welcome 2012!!

Yes, here it came, the new year! Allright, allright, I know that I am a week late to give you a “Happy New Year” greetings. But oh well, who cares? It’s still January, and I still feel the new year atmosphere all around me. So, yeah, Happy New Year Everyone 🙂

Talking about new year, just some days ago, one of my teacher at school asked the whole class to make our own new year resolution. I thought, yup, new year resolution, something that I always thought about every years but never actually make it. So, finally I made my first new year resolution, for this year. What’s in it? Here they are:

  • Pass the National Examination (UN) with good grades
  • Pass the College Entrance Test (SNMPTN) and get in to that certain faculty in the university that I want
  • Be more mature, discipline, diligent, and focus
  • Read more and write more ( I actually went to goodreads.com and set my 2012 reading goal to be 50 books ;))
  • Live a happier and healthier lifestyle
  • Keep good relations with those I love 🙂

So, yeah, those are my 2012 resolution. I wasn’t actually going to post them here, but some people said that by telling your resolution to others, you’ll have more sense of responsibility to fulfill the resolution cause you’ll feel some kinda shame to other people who’ve known your resolution if you fail. I guess they’re right in some sense. Don’t you think so?

Allright, I guess that’s enough for now. Hope I’ll have enough passion to write my next post soon. Bye for now!