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It’s time!

Time to wake up and rise again on your two feet, now! There will always be problems every now and then, but it doesn’t mean you should stop right there and get stuck. It only means that you are going to be stronger and be better. It might be too late to save the past, but it is time to move if you want to save your future. Let them know what you are capable of. Don’t just aim only to survive when you can strive. 

Paling tidak..

Mereka selalu berkata bahwa semua ada waktunya. Mereka berkata bahwa semua ada akhirnya. Namun siapa yang sebenarnya menentukan waktunya? Siapa yang menentukan akhirnya? Tak bolehkah aku turut andil menentukannya? Tak bolehkah aku menyarankan agar semua ini tidak berakhir disini?

Ah, tenanglah, aku tahu semua memang telah tiba di ujung jalan. Aku tak suka mengakuinya, tapi memang aku juga turut andil memilih jalan kita dulu. Tentu salahku juga jika ternyata jalan yang kita pilih harus berakhir di sudut buntu.

Yah, paling tidak jalan ini tidak berakhir di sudut kota yang pengap dan menyesakkan. Paling tidak sudut buntu ini cukup nyaman untukku menetap. Paling tidak sudut ini tak lantas melenyapkanmu dari duniaku. Aku berterima kasih untuk itu.

Hold On And Keep Moving At The Same Time

There is always that time of life when something happen to you and you tell yourself that everything is going to be just fine and you foolishly believe in yourself. Everyone tell you that everything is going to be fine and you believe them.

Time is moving forward, so does everything else. You move forward too. You keep talking, joking, smiling, laughing, socializing, doing your tasks, functioning. Everything seems to be fine. In fact, everything is fine except one thing. You. Your feeling. The inside of you. Maybe I should not say your heart because actually your heart is fine too, it keeps beating normally like it always does. Yes, you know you are absolutely not fine no matter how happy you seemed to be to other people.

You know you are not fine no matter how good you are doing on your works. You know you are not fine, because you are counting on the seconds, trying to make sure that you’ll still look fine in the next second. You are counting on the minutes, trying to make sure that whatever feelings you are hiding are not going to bursts out in the next minute. You are counting the days, trying to embrace all the good and bad news coming to you without really being able to give a feeling to response. You keep talking to yourself inside your head, trying to make sure you’re not going to explode any time soon.

However, you know that you will get better. You just have to wait for the time to come. You just need to hold on and keep moving at the same time.