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The End of A Relationship

The words

I left him.

He left me.

I got dumped.

I dumped him.

We broke up.

or even

We decided that we’re better off as friend (oh, seriously?).

all mean the same thing, don’t they? They just mean that your relationship with your boy/girlfriend is over; that it has been broken in one way or another; that the two, or most likely, (only) one of you got tired or maybe just bored of the other one; that one side just can’t take the relationship any further and decided to end it with whatever reasons.

Isn’t it funny how you could never start a relationship with only one person willing to take part in the relationship, but you could end it with only one person going away from the other one. Well, some people would say that one person could try to hold it back together or not letting the one one go anywhere, trying to keep the other side from slipping away, but we all know that the truth is, when one has decided to end the relationship, when one has decided to leave the relationship behind, the relationship is finished. (S)he has slipped away from your hand. Because when there is only one person in a relationship trying to keep everything in its way, while the other one is trying to get away, it is not really a boyfriend-girlfriend-kind-of-relationship anymore. It might still be a relationship, but rather it might be a someone-and-his/her-admirer-kind of-relationship, and both person in the relationship already know how it would end.

One could say whatever reasons to end a relationship, but for most of the times, it only sounded like “I just want this relationship to end” to the one who’s listening. And when you are that someone who’s listening, whether you decide to say “No way” or maybe “Okay,” deep inside, you know that everything is over.


Welcome 2012!!

Yes, here it came, the new year! Allright, allright, I know that I am a week late to give you a “Happy New Year” greetings. But oh well, who cares? It’s still January, and I still feel the new year atmosphere all around me. So, yeah, Happy New Year Everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Talking about new year, just some days ago, one of my teacher at school asked the whole class to make our own new year resolution. I thought, yup, new year resolution, something that I always thought about every years but never actually make it. So, finally I made my first new year resolution, for this year. What’s in it? Here they are:

  • Pass the National Examination (UN) with good grades
  • Pass the College Entrance Test (SNMPTN) and get in to that certain faculty in the university that I want
  • Be more mature, discipline, diligent, and focus
  • Read more and write more ( I actually went to goodreads.com and set my 2012 reading goal to be 50 books ;))
  • Live a happier and healthier lifestyle
  • Keep good relations with those I love ๐Ÿ™‚

So, yeah, those are my 2012 resolution. I wasn’t actually going to post them here, but some people said that by telling your resolution to others, you’ll have more sense of responsibility to fulfill the resolution cause you’ll feel some kinda shame to other people who’ve known your resolution if you fail. I guess they’re right in some sense. Don’t you think so?

Allright, I guess that’s enough for now. Hope I’ll have enough passion to write my next post soon. Bye for now!

Keluhan Peruntut Halaman-Halaman Ilmu

tak usah heran bila di sajak ini kau temukan kebosanan yang pekat

tak usah heran bila di sajak ini kau temukanย kejenuhan yang tak tertahankan

aku tahu. memang kejenuhan ini yang sedang ku keluhkan

jenuh yang menjadi sebab kematian hormon hormon serotonin otakku

memang kebosanan ini yang melekat erat di setiap halaman tipis yang ada

membawa sinyal penolakan yang kuat setiap aku coba tenggelamkan diri dalam lautan kata

yang kadang orang panggil dengan nama ilmu

memang tak kutemukan bara semangat yang melonjak-lonjak

di hempasan paragraf demi paragraf yang datang tanpa jeda

berdiskusi satu sama lain dalam bahasa asing

mengenai senyawa senyawa ion kompleks atau apalah namanya

tak usahlah kau tanya aku

bahkan ku yakin para jenius kelasku pun sedang terkantuk-kantuk

meruntut kata demi kata di lembar-lembar putih yang identik dengan yang ada di hadapanku

atau mungkin merekapun sudah terlelap dengan buku tebal ini dalam genggaman

ah sudahlah

menuliskan kejenuhan ini tidak mengurangi rasa kantukku

mataku sudah terasa berat

mungkin memang sebaiknya aku tidur saja

Just a thought

mereka memintaku bicara

tapi aku tak tahu apa yang harus aku katakan

mereka memintaku terus berjalan

tapi aku tak tahu kemana harus mengarah

mereka memintaku tertawa

tapi aku tak tahu apapun yang lucu

mereka memintaku tersenyum

tapi aku tak merasa bahagia

namun lebih dari apapun

aku tak tahu mengapa

mereka terus memintaku

melakukan hal-hal yang tak kuinginkan

Some Pictures of Me in DC

Hello world !!

It have been so long since the last time I updated this blog, and now I don’t know why, I just want to stop by and reactivate this blog. Well, i still don’t know what I am going to post in this blog if I really going to update it regularly or whether I will have time between my homeworks to keep my blog updated or not, but all right I am here now, so here we go. I guess for now I just want to give you guys a little view of what am I actually have been doing lately in DC. So, take a look at some of my pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


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My Last Day In Jogja :’D

Okay ..
Here i am, again, write a little confusing thing about my AFS story.. I think it will be a little confusing because i write this in confuse, haha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, it is not a “real” last day to be here in Jogja, my lovely city. At least this is my last day to go around jogja for this year -or school year, i guess-. tomorrow, i will live Jogja and fly to Jakarta for 9-days-national-orientation-and-language-camp.I am starting to feel mellow right now. Uhm, not really, mellow, but every feelings that i have are just blending all together. I feel happy, sad, curious, excited, and other feelings that i don`t know what their name are.

Actually i am not fear of USA right now, i just fear of the national orientation T__T I know it will be TOTALLY TIRING. Will (almost) not gonna have time to sleep for 5 days -that`s what returnee said-. And all of those tasks are waiting!

So, here you are, DEE !! you are going to United Sates of AMERICA for 11 months, a school year! and this is the reality, you are NOT DREAMING. August 7th is coming, soon, and Washington, DC is waiting for you, for all of us. Your host families are there and could not wait to see you soon, just like you! so, let`s just enjoy everything ๐Ÿ™‚